APK Installer

Paradox Wizard version 1.0.9 brings with it a couple of new features one of them being an option to force update addons on the build & the main one is the APK installer, this means that you will be able to install android apps from the Paradox Wizard direct to you android device, you will be able to update KODI and for some of you in the groups who haven’t used it yet, SPMC which is a fork of KODI and will give you the ability to have two builds on one device! You can also install some other great apps like the popular Mobdro, Showbox, UKTVnow and many more!

Please note that you will only be able to see this option in the wizard if you have an Android / Amazon device 

1. Go to the System section and open Programs

0812162038322. From Programs select Paradox Wizard

0812162039043. Select Install Applications

0812162039174. Here you will see the Apps currently available for download

0812162039345. Make your selection and click to begin the download

0812162039486. Once downloaded scroll down and across to install to your device

0812162039587. After a few seconds the install will complete, you can select Done to return to the APK installer or Open to open the app

0812162040188. If you have an app launcher installed such as app starter on Amazon devices then this is where you will find your newly installed app

0812162041019. Alternatively you can open the apps direct from your KODI build by going to the System section and Programs submenu

08121620411510. Select the Blue arrow at the top left of the Programs menu

08121620413011. Select Android apps

08121620414112. Scroll down to your select app and click to open


That’s it, we hope you enjoy this new feature but please remember it is only available on Android / Amazon devices – you will not see the APK installer on any other platform.


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