Darkside Build 0805

With the new season nearly upon us we have updated the Darkside build! it’s a general tidy-up and a few new addons thrown in as well.

The Darkside section has been bolstered so please keep scrolling along the submenus to reveal more content which now includes video on demand, scottish football, football replays and more!

The build is available to download now for KODI 16,17, SPMC and of course TBBMC – if you have not done so yet and would like some more information on joining the Darkside then you can get some by clicking HERE

If you already have the build then why not check out this guide on how to perform a fresh start, update build and login to the Darkside by clicking HERE

For those of you that are unsure what the Darkside is then it is a premium build which is pretty similar to the standard family build except it has a fully linked tv guide with stable live streams with over 400 channels as well as hundred and hundreds of one click play movies and tv shows, for those of you who already have the Darkside . . .


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