Darkside : Fresh Start, Update & Login

Here is a guide that will show you how to firstly perform a fresh start from an existing build then to update and finally login to the Darkside build

1.Firstly let’s login to the Paradox wizard, from the Paradox menu go down to the ‘Login’ submenu

2. Enter your www.theblackboxostv.co.uk forum username and password then go down to ‘OK’

3. Now go to the ‘Maintenance’ menu

4. Select ‘Fresh Start’ this process may be instant or take a few minuted depending on the size of your current build and the last time you performed a fresh start

5. Select ‘Yes’ to restore to default settings (fresh start)

6.  Select ‘Yes’ you want to force close

7. Select ‘Yes’ you would like to continue and KODI will force close

8. Once you reopen KODI it will be back to default settings, now go to ‘Programs’

9. From the next ‘First Run help’ screen, select ‘OK’

10.  Select ‘Paradox Wizard’

11. Select ‘Install Paradox’

12. Select ‘Darkside Build’

13. Select ‘Install Darkside Build’

14. The Build will now download, please wait . . .

15. The Build will now extract, please wait…

16. Select ‘OK’ to Force Close KODI

17. Select ‘Yes’ you would like to continue and KODI will close down

18. Once you reopen KODI the updated build will have been loaded from a fresh start, from the Paradox menu go down to ‘IPTV login’

19, Enter your Darkside username and select ‘Done’

20. Enter your Darkside password and select ‘Done’

21. Select ‘Yes’ you want to restart now

22. Select ‘Yes’ you would like to continue and Force Close then KODI will close down

23. Once you reopen the build it will be ready to use

If you do not have a Darkside login and wish to purchase one then you can find a guide on how to do so by clicking ‘HERE’

Once you have purchased and received you login, you can find a guide on initial install and some FAQs by clicking ‘HERE’

We hope you find this guide useful!


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