Download Statistics

This post will be intermittently updated to show you the download statistics of the PARADOX build – these are some pretty big figures considering we have download restrictions in place to stop rogue box-sellers.

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Counts were started on 27th May 2016 for all builds, please note that the Kids builds will change themes but we will add up the downloads between them rather than resetting each time the theme is changed this also applied to the new build PHOB which was formerly Phoenix


27th May 2016 to 01st November 2016 @ 14:30 GMT


Family     388,251

Adult     170,656

PHOB    17,970

Arctic     10,666

Kids     6,252

Krypton 5,728

Darkside 5,136

AppleTV 4    3,224

TOTAL     607,877


65,895 total views, 10 views today