Family & Adult Build 0722

It’s update time again guys! The builds are ready to download from the Paradox Wizard for KODI 16, 17, SPMC and TBBMC

This build has just about everything you can imagine including the latest buzz name we are seeing thrown around the groups ‘covenant’, you  really shouldn’t struggle at all to find movies and tv shows! theres also lots of options for live tv and sports, although as you know nowadays these aren’t as stable without something like the Darkside BUT if you have the patience seek and you will find! Plus as the football season fast approaches I am sure you will see more and more sport content available in the Paradox builds.

With there being so much content in the build we have broke it down as much as possible but we really do advise you scroll along all of the submenus in each section, as there are 10 in each section! also on the end of each section we have included ‘super’ menus which each contain even more options for each category so it’s a good idea to look through all of these and please make sure you check out the addons in the ‘all in one’ section as these as the name suggests have a bit of everything, movies, tv shows, sport, music etc. you get the idea! It is also wise to open the ‘addons’ submenu from the ‘system’ menu and check out the full list of all the addons in the build as theres a couple that may not have found a home on the submenus but we didn’t want to take them out of the build just yet

To summarise the above – in a nutshell don’t fixate on one addon, if one addon doesn’t work so well for you then try another!

If you do not like the background then we have included 20 alternatives for you in the system section > settings > skin > backgrounds > single image OR you could even chose multiple image and select the backgrounds folder and have all 20 backgrounds rotating in a slide show, the choice is yours!

Family & Adult Build 0722

Here are a few notable additions

  • Supra Box
  • Collosus Repo
  • Paradox URL added to file manager
  • Les Be Friends (adult only!)
  • Fishermans Cove
  • Covenant
  • The Pyramid
  • Safehouse movies (now working)
  • Poseidon
  • Boxset Kings
  • cCloud
  • Updated Sportdevil
  • KongKidz
  • All ‘Super’ menus have been bolstered
  • All in one addons broken down throughout build
  • Maintenance

Updates as always optional and never mandatory!


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