Family & Adult Builds 0812

The new football season is upon us and so is a new build, they are available to download now for as usual KODI 16, 17, SPMC & TBBMC

This build has only really had a tidy up as things were working pretty well as they were but we have now included two new great addons (along with some others) called ‘Bennu’ which is the new Phoenix addon and also ‘B O B unleashed’ which is as you can guess is the new B O B addon, hopefully with these addons now safely in the build and plenty of other stable ones along with the build fix we should be able to give you guys a break from updating for a few weeks this time round, that is unless some super sport addon comes out but we shall see!

Family & Adult Builds 0812

  • Bennu
  • Bob Unleashed
  • Updated DC sport
  • Follow Follow (Rangers addon)
  • Supra Box TV & Sport
  • Disabled RD in Elysium
  • New Screensavers
  • Submenu & Super Favs maintenance

As always for those who do not like the Football themed background then you can choose an alternative from Settings > Skin Settings > Backgrounds > Single Image

Also please make sure that you check out the ‘All In One’ section of the build no matter what you are looking for, Sports, Movies, TV Shows, Kids etc as you can guarantee you will find it in there, each one of those addons has enough content for us to make an entire build of out of which is why it is hard to break it down an integrate it into the build.

That’s all for now . . .


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