Family & Adult Builds 0826

Bit later than usual the new builds are ready to install, will keep this short and sweet as it’s been a busy day! We have had a general tidy up of the build and integrated the addons that we put on the Paradox URL for you as a temp measure such as ‘all Eyes On Me’ and ‘Scheme Streams’ you will also find some new additions to the build such as the new Celtic TV addon Lisboa Streams (in the addons menu)

Family & Adult Builds 0826

  • All eyes on me
  • Scheme Streams
  • Removed DC Sports (no longer working)
  • Lisboa Streams
  • Fixtures addon renamed to BOOM!
  • New Maverick Repo
  • Updated SkyNet
  • Removed TheBlackHat (no longer working)
  • General build maintenance
  • New Background (with more in settings)
  • Removed the ATV screensavers
  • Elysium & Covenant tweaks

We Strongly recommend installing this from a fresh start to remove the ATV screensavers, as pretty as these were not all devices were capable of running them and it was taking up too much of your processor so please fresh start before installing this build


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