Kids Build 0722

A pretty much full house of updates today, with the Arctic build being updated last weekend and the family and adult builds earlier today the last to receive the treatment is the Kids build! It is available as with all our builds for KODI 16, 17, SPMC and TBBMC to download from the Paradox Wizard now!

As with any of the Paradox Builds adult supervision is always required as whilst there is no access to XXX content it is possible to watch action movies with a certificate of 18 which would not be suitable for a younger audience.

Kids Build 0722

The kids build is very lightweight at under 40mb, it is very simplistic in appearance as we have gone easy on the submenus so should be pretty easy to navigate around. Theres plenty of content from movies, cartoons, music and even karaoke, below we will list the addons currently in the build, please note that there is also access to File Manager should you wish to add any more content yourself.

  • Ares Kids Tube
  • NowMusic
  • Real-Movies
  • B99TV
  • Binky TV
  • Bobby’s Cartoons
  • Kids Tube
  • KongKidz
  • Mikey’s Karaoke
  • Paradox Wizard
  • ParaToons
  • Super Cartoons
  • UK Turk Playlists
  • YouTube

The build now takes on a ‘Cars 3’ Theme!



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