Kids Build 1120 (Trolls)

The Kids build has had a change of theme to “The Trolls” as well as having a bit of a tidy up! We have removed some broken shortcuts and replaced them with some great new content to keep the kids entertained!

This build is very lightweight and very simple, this is perfect for installing on SPMC to run alongside your main Paradox build of choice and literally gives the kids a build of their very own! (whilst making sure that they don’t mess up anything of yours!!!)

KIDS BUILD 1120 – 44MB

  • Paratoons
  • Cartoon Crazy
  • B O B (kids)
  • Disney Collection
  • YouTube
  • Disney Junior
  • Ares Kids
  • NOW Music
  • UK Turk Classic Cartoons
  • Dandy Media

This build is for the kids but as always please ensure that you have inspected the setup first to ensure you are happy for them to use it, whilst there is no XXX content the more tech savvy child could find a path to access movies with 15 & 18 certificates




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