Krypton / Apple TV 4 Build 1123

This build has been updated to remove some non-working addons and we have included a few new ones, please note this build is ONLY compatible with the latest version of KODI 17, other than Apple TV 4 users who have no choice we strongly recommend that you stick with KODI 16.1 as for one 17 is not stable, nor is it compatible with android devices running older firmware, on top of that there are a number of top addons that are not compatible with KODI 17 either – once a build is installed you will notice no difference between KODI 16 & 17 (except a lot of the big addons will be absent from KODI 17) so again we advise to stick with KODI 16.1 or even better still use / download SPMC from the Paradox APK installer

Please note that on the ATV4 you may need to go into settings > interface and change the skin manually to Arctic Zephyr & the theme to dark / dark dialogues – for some reason it doesn’t always stick more than likely this is due to KODI 17 being unstable

But, we know not everyone will stick to 16.1 and purely because 17 is the higher number will rush to install it even though it is not stable! So here is a build we have put together for those people . .

KRYPTON  / APPLE TV 4 BUILD 1123 – 101.7MB

  • Removed Broken / Incompatible Addons
  • UFC Finest
  • Project M
  • Ares Football
  • NOW Music
  • WWE On Demand
  • The Jukebox
  • Ares Music
  • B O B
  • Exodus
  • iPlayer WWW
  • ITV Player
  • Maverick TV
  • Paradocs
  • Paradox Wizard
  • ParaToons
  • Phoenix
  • Specto
  • UK Turks Playlist
  • UKTV Play
  • We Love House
  • We Love Soaps
  • YouTube

Please remember this build is only compatible with KODI 17



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