This page is to be used as a quick reference to see the latest available ‘build fix’

Please note that this is not a magic wand and will not fix everything and make every single addon work, enable you to get streams for all movies in 1080p or not even stop Marley the Labrador dieing in the film Marley and Me BUT it will fix what we list below!

The build fix is a submenu that can be found in either the Paradox section of the Family / Adult builds or the System section of the Darkside build, all you need to do is simply click it and it will download which will literally take 1 second then prompt you to close the build, click yes and the Paradox Wizard will apply the latest fix which is usually to swap some non-working menus out of the build and replace them with brand new working ones!

Please note that to use the build fix feature you must be running the latest version of the build, otherwise you will be changing your menus around to incorporate addons that may not even be in the build that you have, for example to receive build fix 0729.1 or 0729.2 etc you must have build 0729 installed

If you need any further clarification on this then please post in one of the groups or send us a tweet @ParadoxInfo_


Latest Fix = 0826.3

  • Fixes Paragon Music
  • Fixes The Jukebox
  • Replaces SafeHouse Movies with Maverick Movies
  • Replaces SuperCartoons with Bennu Kids
  • Replaces TV Arena with Quantnum TV



Latest Fix = currently no fix available



Latest Fix = currently no fix available



Latest Fix = this feature is not available on this build


This post will be updated and posted around the groups as fixes are released, we will also pin it to the side bar of this site for easy access, please always remember that even though these fixes only take literally a second to apply they are always optional and never mandatory!!

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