Manually Updating Repositories and Addons

Sometimes there is a delay between an update being pushed out from the author of an addon or repository to the time it takes to get to your device and sometimes the update just gets ‘stuck’ to give it a nudge and manually force update an addon.

Sometimes exiting and reopening the build will be enough to help them kick in, alternatively for an extra push you can do the following:

  1. From the Paradox Section select the submenu ‘Update Addons’

2) Then Select ‘yes’

You can also go to a specific addon or repository to update it by taking the steps below

  1. From the ‘System’ section go to ‘Settings’

2) Go to ‘Add-Ons’

3) Go to ‘Install From Repository’

4) Select which Repository you want to update, if it is a particular addon you want to update then instead of choosing ‘Install From Repository’ select ‘My Addons’ then ‘Video Addons’ and select which addon you wish to update, in this example below we are updating the Paradox Repository

5) Once you have highlighted the Repository or Addon you want to update, press C on a keyboard or the three lines button on a remote to bring up the context menu and select ‘Check For Updates’

You may need to repeat this process more than once and sometimes it can take a while for the update to work its way around and become available to everyone, so using the above methods and a little patience you will be able to keep all your addons up to date.

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