Paradox on KODI 17

The time has come for us to make our builds compatible with the latest KODI 17 aka Krypton, once the build is on in all honesty you will notice very little difference but the logic seems to be that with 17 being a higher number than 16 that it must be better right?

Before installing KODI 17 please note that it is only compatible with Android 5.1 upwards, if you are running anything less then stick with Jarvis KODI 16

You will need the latest KODI 17  from the official DOWNLOAD page or our APK INSTALLER

Please note KODI 16 builds will not work on KODI 17 builds and vice versa

If for any reason after install you open up KODI and it’s a black screen with only the power and favourite buttons visible, then power off your device and load it back up which will fix this glitch

OK, so we will now give you a guide on how to install a Paradox build on KODI 17, if you already have a Paradox build installed (using android or amazon) then it will be a whole lot easier, all you need to do from KODI 16 is perform a fresh start from the Paradox wizard maintenance section, then open the Install Applications section, scroll right down to the bottom then install KODI 17, when you re-open you will have KODI 17 installed and the Paradox Wizard (please note you will need to enable the wizard before installing a build) you can then install one of the builds as you usually would but please make sure it is one of the builds with 17 in, example Family 17.

For the rest of you here is a guide from start to finish!

1.) Go to the Cog / Settings icon in the top middle

2.) Now Select File Manager

3.) Select Add Source

4.) Enter our install URL which is as below

5.) Select OK

6.) Press back a few times to go back to the home menu and go down to Add-ons

7.) Now go across to Install From Repository

8.) Click on the two dots as highlighted in the picture to go back a menu

9.) Select Install From Zip File

10.) You will then see the following pop up, select Settings

11.) Click on Unknown Sources to enable this function (slider will be white and to the right)

12.) You will then see the below warning message, Select Yes and then press back to go back a menu

13.) Now select Install From Zip File

14.) Go down to repo

15.) Select Repository

16.) Now choose to Install From Repository

17.) Select Paradox Repository

18.) Select Programme Add-ons

19.) Select Paradox Wizard

20.) Select Install

21.) Now click on Paradox Wizard

22.) Select Open

23.) From the Authentication Menu select Yes

24.) Enter your Paradox Username then Password (if you don’t have one you can create a login by joining WWW.THEBLACKBOXOSTV.CO.UK and using the same details in the Wizard

25.) Select Install Paradox

26.) Select which build you wish to install (make sure it is a 17 build)

27.) Select Install Build

28.) The Build will now download – please wait!

29.) The Build will then extract – again please wait!

30.) Once the download completes, click OK

31.) Again, click OK

32.) You will now be asked to force close KODI, click Yes

33.) Once you open KODI back up you will now be running Paradox on Krypton 17

After installing any build it is then a good idea to run through maintenance, for a guide click HERE

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide!


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